AirVinyl Back to Black

With great pride this week we released the latest substantial update to AirVinyl for iPad and iPhone with the addition of the 1980’s inspired ‘Back to Black’ skin. It’s hot, yet cool, it’s dark and moody. Think ‘9½ Weeks’, it’s that darn sexy.

To celebrate the new skin we’ve temporarily introduced a price drop all the way down to FREE and so far it’s been pretty well received, going on to become Apple’s No.1 Music App in thirty four countries and the second most popular app overall in France, Japan, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland and Portugal. That’s pretty good going with 650,000 apps to compete against!

The Back to Black skin costs only 69p / 99c and will improve your credibility among peers, your sex life, your posture and most other ailments. That’s how cool it is.

Making Mixtapes is just as easy and browsing your vinyl collection in your Crates remains as much fun as it always was (though you can still Search for music if you know what you’re going to listen to next too). 

Get AirVinyl from the App Store now. Or keep up to date on Facebook or Twitter.