AirVinyl for iPhone

AirVinyl is now available for iPhone, creating the experience of playing vinyl records sourced from your digital music library. This beautifully crafted app has been crafted for the legendary Air Studios, London’s largest independent recording studio complex.

Air’s award winning audio engineers have painstakingly worked to recapture the ambient sound of vinyl, so often lost on digital formats. AirVinyl now makes the iPhone a serious component for hifi connoisseurs. And this is one that can be slipped in your pocket and enjoyed with headphones or, using the built in AirPlay function wirelessly streamed to your hifi, Air Zeppelin, Fidelio or car entertainment system.

Select music from Crates and browse by flicking through the record covers in time honoured fashion. Playlists are accessed as Mixtapes, using the familiar analogue interface of the cassette deck and you needn’t be limited to the capacity of your iPhone either. AirVinyl can sync your music collection with Apple’s iCloud and give you access to the 1000’s of songs you uploaded to iTunes Match.

Once you’ve heard AirVinyl, you will never use the default Music app again.

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