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Bappz/ 2010 End of Year Review | Bappz

Bappz/ 2010 End of Year Review

Since Bappz was established in 2008 primarily to develop Facebook apps, the market and accompanying client demand has thrown up many new challenges (and operating systems) to master. If 2008 was the year of Facebook and 2009 was all about iPhone, 2010 was the year that interest has been all about iPad and Android.

It has been a busy year. During 2010 Bappz released 15 new applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and Facebook with our biggest development project of the year to be unveiled in 2011.

Our CEO has been advising readers of Mashable and New Media Age on how to achieve success in the app market and two of our apps have hit the Number 1 spot on the Apple App Store with our London Tube Map currently at 175 in the iTunes UK App Chart (which isn’t bad out of 250,000 apps available!).

We started the year releasing a batch of iPhone apps for Playback Media‘s Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United podcasts. The Spurs Show app rocketed to become the Number 1 Sports app on iTunes within 18 hours of release.

Next up, two more iPhone apps. FinalFutures, a mobile app that allows users to track the sports ticket stockmarket and iComm an application that allows you to create a personal picture book to ease communication with pre-speech toddlers. Martin Brooks the mastermind behind iComm went on to win ‘Real Dad of the Year‘ in recognition for his effort to bridge the communication gap with his own daughter Mia in creating this app. Martin and Mia’s story was widely covered in the national press including articles in The Mirror, The Sun, Metro, Daily Mail and an appearance on BBC Radio.

Our Truthseeker app hit the street in May and has been the underground success we expected it would be. Thousands of web sites linked to the launch story for the app that bypasses mainsteam media and instead offers alternative news from the likes of Alex Jones, Black Op Radio and Howard Hughes. In December The Atlantic noted “Apple Blocked the WikiLeaks App, but Truthseeker Is Still Available“.

In June we launched two apps for the World Cup, It’ll Go To Penalties for iPhone and Love It or Hate a Facebook app created for Betfair the world’s leading betting exchange. Bappz identified that fans can have as much passion for teams they dislike as those they love and capitalised on this with Love It or Hate It.

As if to demonstrate our versatility in July we released iSpy Phonics, an early learning education iPhone app aiding parents teaching their children the first step in reading and making full use of iPhone’s camera and audio recording capabilities to make learning fun.

With the start of the English football season again at the end of summer Betfair’s Love It or Hate It Facebook app was re-purposed for the Premier League allowing fans to display their loyalty to friends and enemies!

Our first iPad app hit in September and the iPad version of London Tube Map was not only an instant success, it continues to get more than 13,000 new downloads a week with more than 250,000 new downloads in the last six months.

The X Factor was Britain’s most viewed TV programme of 2010 and Bappz’ X Factor Predictor was our little experiment to see how accurately we could harness people power to accurately predict the weekly elimination vote. Pretty accurately it turned out with not a single miss even when the press crowed ‘Shock Result’! X Factor Predictor called each week’s elimination one week before the public announcement and predicted the outright winner 5 weeks before the final. Bookies and punters alike look on with interest as we decide which TV competition we will turn our polling technology on next…

It was a long time coming, but by December we finally revealed our first Android app. It’s an adaptation of the the hit Spurs Show iPhone app re-written specifically for Android and we will be releasing similar media apps in 2011.

Already slated for next year is a mind-blowing iPhone service developed by Bappz for client and the launch of our iCalendar and Magazine platforms, that allows publishers to quickly and easily begin publishing iPad titles without the hassle of developing an app from scratch.

If you like what we do or want to keep up to date with our progress, please follow us on Twitter and Facebook.