It’s Up For For Grabs Now – The Arsenal Podcast App with Alan Davies

It’s the application that Gooners everywhere have been waiting for!

The number 1 iTunes podcast hosted by the genial Alan Daives is now available in a handy iPhone application so you can have it with you at all times on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Download the latest podcast, catch up on the archives and read the latest Arsenal news as well!

Not only does the Up For Grabs app bring you Alan, Tayo, Ian and Keith before you can get it anywhere else, it also keeps you up to date with the latest Arsenal breaking news from the BBC, The Guardian and more.


Get the podcast before anyone else – podcast feed updates instantly!

No need to sync – no more messing about downloading the podcast to your PC, plugging your iPhone in the next day, waiting for the podcast to transfer and missing it for that really boring journey from work. Now with just a click, the latest podcast is already there waiting for you.

No Computer Required – with no need to sync anymore, there’s no need to ever return to your PC again (except to do other things). So it’s perfect for keeping in touch with goings on at the Emirates, wherever you are.

Latest News – catch up on the latest news, as it happens! Instant mobile-optimised news feeds will update your eyes while your ears are busy with the podcast!

Go Silent – use this app to pretend there’s a breaking Arsenal story coming through when your ‘significant other’ starts telling you about a new handbag she’s seen!


You may seem suddenly and inexplicably knowledgeable about the latest Arsenal news, yet also break into fits of laughter in public places when listening to the podcast.

Available on the App Store.