Bappz builds iPad, Facebook and iPhone applications.

We’re pretty good at it too. Our London Tube Map has been a TOP3 app on iTunes since it was launched and our Spurs Show app went to No.1 within 18 hours of release – with no above the line advertising!

iPad apps are currently very fertile and while the marketplace is still relatively uncrowded we have found demand to get in early, is on the rise. Whatsmore an iPad and iPhone may share many of the same development modules making it cost effective to reach to two applications on one hit.

With an iPhone app from BAPPZ you can plug straight into Apple’s iconic mobile phone and into a market that since 2008 has been outselling the entire US mobile market. Oh yeah, you can charge for these babies! If you create a good quality, good value app, customers will pay.

What’s really interesting about the current Facebook apps we’re building, is with the right focus a Facebook app can be much more cost effective than and even a fraction of the price of an online advertising campaign. As these little babies fly around the social networks on a friends recommendation, the recipients tend to value them and the message the carry much more highly. And that could be your message, an extension of what you already do on the web or maybe you just want to own the advertising space that surrounds it.