Granada Metro Grand Opening!

To celebrate and experience the opening of Europe’s newest metro system we went along to Granada on September 21st, Granada Metro app in hand to ride the trams above and underground and to prove it we took away a little photographic memory of every station.
Without doubt by 5pm the packed trams were the noisiest metro I’ve ever travelled on. Not because of the machinery! Just the sheer excitement of the crowd riding the tram after watching (and hearing about) it’s troubled construction for a decade.

No troubles on the inaugural day though. A few of the on-train announcements were out by a couple of stations and the virgin tram pilots looked a little nervy, but all in all, with uniformed helpers on every platform, the Metropolitano de Granada  launched without a hitch.

You can experience Granada using the World’s first (and so far only) Granada Metro app for iPhone here.

If you start at the bottom of the map you’re starting at Armilla.
Maybe with a cafe con leche the Venus Cafe?


Next stop Fernando de Los Rios
And then maybe a stop in Granada’s enormous and impressive shopping mall Sierra Nevada. Don’t confuse this with the ski resort of the same that’s just up the mountain outside. Granada Metro does not go to the snow!

Next stop Parque Tecnológico. It’s like the future, here

If you’re here for the football. Don’t get off at Dílar. You’re still one stop short!

FC Granada call this home and the Neuvo Los Cármenes station is right outside (oh, this is going to be fun on match days!)

Turn left now and head north west to Palacio de Deportes

And then on to Andrés Segovia

Hípica is the next stop and the last before the tram heads underground

There’s no doubt about it, Alcázar del Genil is the most beautiful with it’s stark industrial feel and atmospheric lighting. It resembles a James Bond villain’s lair!

On to Regogidas now, still subterranean and going for a more 80s disco inspired design.

The last underground station is Méndez Núñez (or the first if you’re heading from the other direction!). All trams have illuminated map indicators, electronic display and audio announcements to tell you where you and what station is next.

Back up for air again at Unversidad, home of Granada’s famed University.

Next stop is Estación Ferrocarril, the national train station where from 2018 it joins the AVE high speed network.

Next stop Caleta!

And then Villarejo
Luis Amador…


And Estación de Autobuses Granada’s main bus station

Jaén is the station with the shortest name, and therefore the smallest sign!

Cerillo Maracena has a mysterious rusted metal building at one end of the platform. Some say it’s a portal to a time before the metro existed in Granada (July)

Maracena should not be mistaken for ‘the Macarena’. Ever.

Getting towards the end of our journey with stop at Anfiteatro



And then finally at the end of the line Albolote.

Get the Granada Metro at (o en español and enjoy one of Europe’s most charming cities like a local.