London Tube Map for BlackBerry 10

We were won over at the launch of BlackBerry 10 when it was launched and after five years of app development at Bappz, we’re proud to announce our first BlackBerry app, our ole faithful London Tube Map.

There’s a scrollable, zoomable map of the London Underground of course so you never get lost on the Piccadilly Line again and like the iOS and Android versions also nine regional rail maps available as in-app purchases. The main advantage we’re always told is the simplicity of this application.

The iconic map crafted by Harry Beck is a design classic and serves as the style template for metro maps the world over. In honour of Mr.Beck’s pragmatic vision London Tube Map we’ve not added fancy extras that need a data connection when you’re sub-terrain.

It’s just a map, but it’s the map that million of Londoners and visitors rely on every day.

Available now at BlackBerry World.
Also available for iPad, iPhoneAndroid and bada.