The Particles for iPad and Windows 8

Available now for iPad and Windows 8, The Particles is a beautifully designed interactive e-book containing amazing photography from the Science Photo Library as well as graphs, history and data presented in an intuitive, fun way and is available now for Windows 8 and iPad.
Written in conjunction with CERN’s Frank Close,  The Particles aims to be a modern source of information on particle physics for everyone — from scientists and students to school children and members of the public who have an interest in science.

Mashable said, ‘The Particles iPad App is a Physics Geek’s Dream’ and Trusted Reviews summarised, ‘This is a fantastic app’, The Guardian featured it as a Best App of the Week and Metro liked it a lot too.

The Particles for iPad - Electron

The Particles takes you on a journey through the world of particle physics. Discover the five families of subatomic particles, such as the leptons, quarks and bosons. This app allows you to browse a wealth of real ‘event’ images and videos, read popular ‘biographies’ of each of the particles and explore the A-Z of particle physics with its details and definitions of key concepts, laboratories and physicists.

Take a journey through The Particles (above)

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