TruthSeeker PRO

We’re proud to present the first major update to the TruthSeeker iOS app since 2010! Unbelievably the stone age look hasn’t put off 100k plus users logging on daily to get their dose of the truth.

Why is TruthSeeker so successful? The rise of alternative media has opened the eyes to millions across the globe to a ‘different’ reality. To the news behind the news that corporate or non-politically aligned news organisations are just not addressing. TruthSeeker was launched at the right time, in the right place; Wikileaks, the Arab Spring, MP expenses, war, corruption, rigged markets, corporate crime, vote rigging, Snowden all were covered by the alternative media sources TruthSeeker supports before mainsteam media reported them, in a convenient easy to navigate and reliable format. And so it goes on.

Last year the team behind TruthSeeker launched a Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to bring the app up to date. It got some of the way there, but enough to do everything they wanted. Nevertheless the demand was there even if the bidget wasn’t and TruthSeeker PRO is here with a great new look, more content than ever before and packed with new features.

  • Chromecast support means you listen or watch on your TV or Chromecast supported device
  • Download podcasts to your device so you can listen offline now
  • Tubes – now we’ve got a host of new YouTube channels

Screenshot002 (6)

Get TruthSeeker PRO here