X Factor Predictor 2010

The UK is glued every Saturday and Sunday night to ITV to see the squabbling of Louis and Cheryl, Dannii’s frozen, expressionless face, Simon’s putdowns and who will be kicked off this week’s X Factor.

This week saw the release of poor Aiden Grimshaw back into the wild which according the London Evening Standard, “bookies described as the biggest shock of the year”. Clearly then they had not checked Bappz’ X Factor Predictor app on Facebook which announced that Aiden was this week’s loser 24 hours before the official announcement.

X Factor Predictor is a simple, fun application that invites users to vote for who they want to win, before being told who is going to lose.

Developed inhouse by Bappz to demonstrate that tapping into social network sentiments can harness the wisdom of crowds and produce a result indication before the official result. Our XFP platform can be adapted for many purposes – not least the other reality TV shows!

X Factor Predictor

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